FilmScope. Turning movie enthusiasts into industry insiders with the tap of an app.

Introducing FilmScope and FilmScope Worldwide, the only iPhone™ and iPod® touch
apps that grant film buffs the ability to scope out the movie details and box office numbers
using the tools only Hollywood insiders have traditionally had access to.

See for yourself exactly how this season's biggest blockbuster is measuring up against current and historical movie box office results with FilmScope. This unique service gives users access to hard data—the same reporting trusted by Hollywood. Using box office data to bring the most immediate and accurate domestic film performance numbers directly to your iPhone and iPod touch, FilmScope guarantees you're never more than a tap away from the same timely, precise and complete global box office information used by studio executives for years.

FilmScope Worldwide
For a more far-reaching perspective of the film industry, check out FilmScope Worldwide. The most comprehensive box office reporting app available, FilmScope Worldwide includes all the unique features found in FilmScope's domestic application, but with a global perspective. Reporting box office activity from around the world, only FilmScope Worldwide allows users to track their favorite movies and compare results, from Hollywood to Hong Kong.

FilmScope: Turning movie enthusiasts into industry virtuosos with the tap of an app
Access the industry's most accurate box office info, both current and historical
Search films by territory
Explore detailed listings of the top films, viewable by release dates, all-time, genre, rating, and more
Research and compare historical performance results for all films, from blockbusters and independents
Gather film details including synopsis, rating, run time, genre, director, actors and more
Read reviews and purchase tickets

FilmScope is brought to you by Rentrak Corporation, the entertainment industry's leading source of box office and home entertainment audience measurement information since 2003.
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$4.99 FilmScope - domestic box office performance monitor and information reporter
$9.99 FilmScope Worldwide - domestic & international box office performance monitor and information reporter

Please Note - These Apps will be accessible thru the end of 2011. Thereafter, it is anticipated they will be converted to yearly subscription based apps. Details will be posted at a later date.

iOS 4.3 or better running on any iPhone or iPod touch English For questions relating to the FilmScope or FilmScope Worldwide apps, see the Frequently Asked Questions below or contact us at
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do I find the top grossing animated films of 2008?
A: Select the “All Time” tab. Tap any of the three buttons at the top of the screen. Select “Animation” in the left picker
    and “2008” in the right picker, then tap “Go.”
Q: How do I see what movies are opening soon?
A: Select the “Calendar” tab for a listing of upcoming movies.
Q: How do I find the top grossing titles for the current week?
A: Select the “Box Office” tab, and tap the right arrow button.
Q: How do I find the top grossing titles for an arbitrary week?
A: Select the “Box Office” tab, and tap the week button at top. Select the week of your choice, then tap “Go.”
Q: Some of the column headers have tick marks in the upper right corner. What do these tick mark mean?
A: The tick mark means that the column can be toggled, or switched, to reveal various other options. Tapping the     column header will change the entire column so that it displays different information.
Q: Can I search for more than one actor at a time?
A: Yes. To search for more than one actor at one time, tap the “Add an Actor” tab.
Q: How do I see a box office performance breakdown for a particular film by the week?
A: From the film's “Film Detail” screen, tap the button that displays the cumulative gross
    (located on the right just below the film's title).
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